I have given fifteen or so presentations at conferences across the globe.

2015 – ‘Transgenerational trauma and transnational memory in American Holocaust literature’, Transnational Holocaust Memory Conference (University of Leeds, UK)

2014 – ‘“An Anglophile Forever”: Jewish Identity and the Kindertransport Refugee in Lore Segal’s Other People’s Houses’, British Association of Holocaust Studies Conference: Britain and the Holocaust (University of Edinburgh, UK)

2014 – ‘“In the novelist’s crucible”: The Marginalized Voice in Holocaust Literature’, The Future of the Past: Representing the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Trauma in the 21st Century (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)

2014 – ‘“If they make you an animal”: The nonhuman in Holocaust survivor fiction about ghettos and camps’, University College London English Conference Transformations (UCL, UK)

2013 – ‘Imagining the Child’s Perspective, Mediating for the Non-Experiencer’, The Future of Holocaust Studies (Southampton University, UK)

2013 – ‘“Her fate was a cruel and inglorious one”: The Child’s Viewpoint in Holocaust Narratives’, Children and War (University of Salzburg, Austria)

2013 – ‘“Which self?” The Jewish Child’s Christian Persona in Survivor Fiction’, BAJS Conference: Memory, Identity, & Boundaries of Jewishness (University of Kent, UK)

2013 – ‘Hidden Selves, Displaced Persons, Holocaust Fiction’, War and Displacement Spring Conference (Munich, Germany)

2013 – ‘Barbed Wire and Lead Soldiers: Child Protagonists in Holocaust Literature’ Devils and Dolls: Dichotomous Depictions of ‘the child’ (University of Bristol, UK)

2012 – ‘Identity After Trauma: Selfhood in Primo Levi’s ‘If Not Now When?’, A Sort of Wisdom – Exploring the Legacy of Primo Levi (Edge Hill University, UK)

2012 – ‘The Holocaust Child: Displaced and Silenced in Hungary and Poland’, Return to the Political – Literary Aesthetics and the Influence of Political Thought (Oxford University, UK)

2012 – ‘The Intersections of the Adult and Child in Holocaust Fiction’, University College London English Conference: Intersections (UCL, UK)

2011 – ‘Internment and Identity Trauma in John Okada’s No-No Boy’, Echoes of Trauma: Exploring the Intersections of Trauma and Culture (Louisiana State University, USA)

2010 – ‘Warring Selves in the Work of Primo Levi’, Peace & War: English Graduate Conference (University of Illinois-Chicago, USA)

2010 – ‘The Language of Trauma in Primo Levi’s Fiction’, New Jersey College English Association Spring Conference (Kean University, USA)

2010 – ‘The Novel Representing Trauma: Primo Levi and Italian Holocaust Literature’, Washington Trauma Conference: Intersections Among Narrative, Neuroscience, & Psychoanalysis (George Washington University, USA)


Dachau concentration camp, Upper Bavaria, Germany. Photo: me.